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Transaction Limits (Maximums & Minimums)


Access transaction limits (maximums & minimums) for our fiat > crypto, crypto > fiat, and crypto <> crypto services. These limits are shared for buying, selling, and exchanging crypto and reset daily at around 7:30 AM UTC. All limits are represented in USD.

KYC verification is optional for the aforementioned services and will increase a contact's daily limits from the unverified tier maximum to the verified tier maximum.

Payment Method
Daily Transaction Maximum (unverified)
Daily Transaction Maximum (KYC'd)
Minimum Transaction





Legacy Weekly Limits

Note that we deprecated weekly limits and now all limits are daily. If you find any data fields referencing weekly limits or balances, please interpret them as daily instead.

Limit Resets

Note that all transaction limits are daily and reset at 7:30 AM UTC

1. Transaction Limits (GET)

No Super JWT Required

let url = `${ROOT}/v1/admin/transactionLimits`;

  .then(result => console.log(result))
  .catch(err => console.log(err));
{ message: 'Successfully retrieved transaction limits for fiat > crypto, crypto <> crypto, and crypto > fiat',
  code: 200,
  data: { 
    unverifiedDailyLimit: 250, 
    verifiedDailyLimit: 2500 

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Transaction Limits (Maximums & Minimums)

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