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Surcharges, Loan Allocations, and Settlement

For any questions on surcharges, loan allocations, and/or settlement, please reach out to approve at

Surcharge Application Process

A surcharge is a premium fee added on top of our base fees by a partner. A surcharge can be a minimum additional fee added to the crypto sale amount and/or an additional percent fee applied to the sale amount. The partner will receive payment on the surcharge amounts for all sales through their integration at the end of every month. More information on settlement is available below. If you want to negotiate revenue share, please reach out to approve at

Loan Application/Payment Gateway Process

If you are providing liquidity for your integration, then you will receive payment on the crypto sale amount minus Carbon fees. This applies similarly if you are directly allocating tokens to us or integrating Carbon as a payment gateway.

Settlement Process

At the end of every month, we will settle with partners on their surcharge amounts in fiat (if applicable) and/or their crypto sale amounts minus Carbon fees in fiat (if applicable). We can settle monthly in either stablecoins to a blockchain address (we're pretty flexible on stablecoin selection) or in fiat to a bank account via SEPA or international wire. If you would like to settle more frequently, please reach out to approve at

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Surcharges, Loan Allocations, and Settlement

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