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Carbon also allows you to help process payments for merchant services.

On a high level, your users will be purchasing cryptocurrency behind the scenes and transferring the cryptocurrency to merchants in real time. Merchants will have the option of keeping assets within cryptocurrency or cashing out into fiat.

How do I know if I need merchant services?

Generally, if you have a core business that is separate from cryptocurrencies, you may be eligible to benefit from our merchant services. For example, if you operate an online checkout for selling designer shoes, or handle P2P remittances, etc...

Reach out if you have any questions or want to get started!

Purchases made through a merchant account will be settled on a per-account basis - you will not be receiving funds immediately due to the higher volume nature of these transactions.

The actual transfer of value will be performed on the blockchain.

We will cover the steps from creating a merchant, linking purchases to a merchant, seeing the history and withdrawing a merchant's money into fiat or cryptocurrency.

How do I get started?

To apply for a merchant account, please request by emailing [email protected] or logging into your developer dashboard and requesting access under the merchant tab.

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