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Integration Overview (API v widget)

First Steps

  1. Read through the getting started section here if you haven't already. Go through the rest of the documentation at your discretion to get up to speed with our services.

  2. Go to and click on 'Dashboard' at the top right. There you can create your developer account, access your credentials, view metrics, review transaction reporting, compare our fees versus your set fees, and manage fee/loan settlement! For more on our dashboard check out this article. Make sure to review this in particular if you're integrating the API. If you're integrating the widget, all authentication is handled through your API key as detailed here.

  3. After your superuser account is created, decide whether you want to integrate with our API or widget. In general, if you want a quick, direct, & holistic integration you can embed into your current application, choose the widget. If you want a custom integration where you control the UI/UX and only expose some (or all) of our services, then choose the API. Many of our partners are starting to integrate the widget first so their users have immediate access to our services and then integrate the API later.

API (fiat > crypto credit/debit)

  1. Create your first contact. Make sure to review this.
  2. Purchase crypto via 3DS credit/debit for this contact. Make sure to review this.
  3. Have your contact go through KYC/AML. Make sure to review [this].( Note that 5. & 6. can be switched.
  4. When you're ready to go live, check out this


  1. Check out this for a thorough guide to how to integrate the widget and options available for you.
  2. Start testing our functionality, including creating contacts, (optional) KYC/AML compliance for contacts, and 3DS credit/debit card charges for purchasing crypto. Remember to check out this for test 3DS credit/debit card information. Testnet crypto will be sent to specified addresses in sandbox just like mainnet crypto is sent in production (if you are not integrating as a payment gateway)!
  3. When you're ready to go live, check out this

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Integration Overview (API v widget)

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