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Production API Key

By creating a Carbon account, you automatically have a production API key (useable on However, Carbon's team must approve your account for you to use it.


Retrieving your API Key programatically

Remember, your API Key (or UUID) can also be found by retrieving your JWT on either the production or sandbox api routes. It is also available via the dashboard.

Response using unapproved API Key

  "message":"Unapproved superuser. Please contact Carbon to approve",

API Key viewer on developer dashboard (


Go Live

Contact approve [at] to approve your Production API key


  • KYC / AML checks for main contact and company (see here for more)
  • Surcharge Structuring (Optional) - if you want to charge dynamic surcharges to your users and negotiate revenue share with Carbon.
  • Loan Allocation (Optional) - if you want to provide custom liquidity to your integration if say we are integrating your token
  • Payment Gateway (Optional) - if you are going to be providing quotes and liquidity for our integration and we will just be providing payments processing
  • Settlement (Optional) - if you have applied a surcharge, allocated a loan, and/or integrated as a payment gateway, determining the execution of payment for sales through our integration

You will also receive technical support hotlines 🔥

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Production API Key

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