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Our Crypto <> CRYPTO service has been suspended due to developer capacity problems. We are working on restoring this service by Q3 2020.

Beta Info

Some of these routes in WIP (work in progress) and will be mainnet ready very soon :)

Carbon also supports an on-chain coinswap feature!

You will be able to provide the following use-cases for your users:
1: Get real exchange rates for exchanging any arbitrary cryptocurrency for another
2: Create personal deposit addresses for funding per contact
3: Execute an exchange trade
4: Withdrawing to any cryptocurrency address

These four features are combined into a simple end API that you can call.


Weekly limit in swaps per contact - $250 USD unverified contacts, $2500 verified (shared with fiat > crypto and crypto > fiat transactions)
Minimum quote value - $5 USD
Quote token expiration - 60 seconds


Sandbox (Testnet)

Production (Mainnet)

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